19 September 2012

Krispy Kreme’s Autumn/Winter Doughnuts [@krispykremeUK] [By @Cinabar]

Oh my - Krispy Kreme have three new doughnuts out for the change of season!! I absolutely love Krispy Kreme. I remember the first time I saw them, it was a few years back in Selfridges in Birmingham. They had a queue coming out of the door, and I remember being fascinated by what was causing such a stir. My curiosity got to me and I joined the back of the queue. It was a fast moving queue as it happened, and half way through a bell rang and one of the workers came out and gave out free sample doughnuts to those waiting. It was absolute doughnut perfection, hot, sweet and fluffy. I bought a dozen when I got to the front, and have never looked back.
I have to say I have a lot of love for their basic doughnut, it does what it does really well. However once you’ve seen the selection of creative doughnuts on offer its hard to make a choice as to what to have. Me being me, anything with a new label always takes my fancy. ;-) There are three new doughnuts for the Autumn/Winter season, and they are calling them the Kreme de la Kreme.

Pistachio and White Chocolate Nougat
This doughnut look absolutely beautiful. It has a white chocolate and pistachio icing drizzled over it, and there are all sorts of goodies piled on top of that too. The raspberry, nuts and honey flakes just made this one pretty looking doughnut! The raspberry bits added a fruity flavour throughout that worked well with the nuts and white chocolate. The highlight was the filling. It was a pale green filling that looked light whipped as it was rather fluffy. From the green colour I could tell it was pistachio, but the taste reminded me of sweetened nuts and it had a nice hint of marzipan about it. The doughnut looks fantastic, and it has to be said flavour wise it lived up to my expectations. Indulgent heaven.

Milk Chocolate Praline Fudge Cake
Next up was a ring doughnut, made with a chocolate cake base. The chocolate fudge icing looked a little sticky, but nuts round the edge made it easier to pick up without too many sticky fingers. The flavour was full-on, merging rich chocolate with plenty of nuts and successfully recreating a fab praline taste. I liked the the mix of textures from the soft doughnut, gooey topping and crunchy coating.As the combination of chocolate and nuts its one of my favourite things, this doughnut was spot on for me. It was rich, indulgent and a proper chocolate lover’s treat.

Salted Caramel
Out of the three doughnuts pictured, this one wins the award for elegance. The dark chocolate icing is finished with a very smart caramel swirl sitting neatly round one edge, giving it a refined look. Under the fab dark icing lays a soft white base filled with a huge dollop of salted caramel. I can tell you from my hands on experience and an overzealous bite that the filling isn’t too sticky, but it is quite runny and a little dangerous! :-D The flavour from the filling had a good rich taste, it was rather sweet, but the warm tones were buttery and finished with a delicate hint of salt. The chocolate and the caramel complemented each other rather well, with the sugary nature of the filling being balanced by the darker edged topping. This is definitely the posh one in the box, but its mix of classic flavours means it will be a hit with anyone.

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