9 September 2012

Coco Orange Shreddies (Asda) by @NLi10

Ah - good old Limited Edition.  Adding Orange sure is a popular thing to do these days, and it tweaks the ordinary product just enough to make it special.  Normal Shreddies could be considered quite boring by non-cereal enthusiasts and I remember in my youth discovering the chocolate Shreddie and being overjoyed at how nice they were.  This is a little different - it's a special version of a special version.

I'm sure that a glass of orange juice in the morning is a very good idea.  You start the day refreshed and full of vitamin C and can bounce out of the house to work.  Similarly Shreddies are full of malt, whole grain & fibre and all the other things the TV says are good for you, but also in this case chocolate so that you actually get around to eating it.  I'm not sure the two mix.  I like chocolate orange, and I like chocolate shreddies but orange flavoured cereal is a bit odd.  I think that it's the milk & the citrus that kind of clashes, or maybe the hint of malt, or maybe just that oranges shouldn't have this texture!

I'll finish the box of these because they certainly aren't bad, but they are a big box of confusion for me.  I spend most of the time while I'm eating them trying to decide what it is that is so wrong.  I guess that Orange Shreddies with no chocolate wouldn't work either which is where the whole triangle of tastes falls over.  It has reminded me how much I love chocolate shreddies so I may have to get those on the next shop...


krnries said...

We tried them a while ago (the very kind Nannas on Facebook sent me a box to try!), but no one in our house liked them at all, so I ended up giving the box away.

NLi10 said...

I totally understand - I really wanted to like them more! I finished the box though #addict