20 September 2012

Jamie Oliver Keep It Simple - Lemon Herb Crust (Sainsbury's) by @NLi10

Jamie Oliver Keep It Simple - Lemon Herb Crust (Sainsbury's) by @NLi10

Continuing the trend of reviewing Jamie Oliver things because they are surprisingly good quality we find ourselves buying a pot of breadcrumbs.  This pot of breadcrumbs says that it can be added to pasta bake to make it more exotic.  I like both pasta bakes and exotic things so despite not using either chicken or fish we decided to add a zesty crunch to some pasta.  We used a Homepride sauce because we are old enough to remember the adverts with the little man on them, and he reminds us of our childhood.

I only realised that this would be probably worth a review after I'd tipped out the lovely presented dish into the Ikea pasta bowls - this isn't as pretty as I'd normally hope for.  The grilled top of the crumbs looks good and the texture does look different to a normal pasta bake.

The lemon taste is a little bit overpowering.  Maybe I was supposed to let it mix into the pasta a bit more, maybe I was only supposed to do a light sprinkle.  The lemon was very, very overpowering in places (but it actually tasted like lemon instead of artificial lemon so that's a plus).  The texture was great and did add a little pizzaz to the dish, but I don't think I'd want to do this every time.  Sometimes you just want to enjoy the lovely tomato pasta sauce.

I have about a third of a tub left so will no doubt use this again on some other unsuspecting meal.

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