10 September 2012

Cadbury – A Bag Full of Pretzels (WH Smiths) [By @Cinabar]

Oh my word. There are just so many lovely new chocolate products on the shelves at the minute it is hard to know where to start! How could anyone resist the wonders of chocolate coated pretzels. Way back in the 1990s there used to be a fab product called Flipz, which were pretzels dipped in a variety of chocolate coatings. They had a bit of a cult following over here in the UK but were sadly discontinued. The only place they could be found was the import shop, as they are still made in the USA.
At the minute the UK chocolate and salt is proving to be the in thing so these should be a sure hit. I opened up the grab bag, and had a look at the pretzels they are fairly small knots of pretzel biscuit, all neatly coated in Cadbury’s milk chocolate. I gave one a taste and was very impressed. The distinct taste of the pretzel base shone through, and delivered a satisfying crispy crunch. The chocolate was sweet and milky, and the salt from the pretzel just made the whole thing sing. It was fab. I have to say when it comes to salt and chocolate, a lot of the posher chocolate bars are for savouring not scoffing and the moreishness of the salt is lost. That is not the case with these pretzels, the combination is spot on. The salt adds a magic ingredient to the flavour, and it varies as you munch from salty to plain and I just loved that. They totally tantalise the taste buds, the flavour is just so playful. I think these are going to be a total hit for Cadbury, and it’s nice to see something a bit different on UK shelves.
By Cinabar


Paulham said...

Don't forget Penn State's did a similar short-lived version too!


bob said...

If they had made these with their Toffee Crunch, forget the Moon.
I'd be over Neptune!

cinabar said...

Paulham - never saw the Penn Sate ones - I'd have thought they's have been a hit?

Bob - surely they have loads of different coated pretzels in the States?

bob said...

Sadly, the choices in America are mostly limited to plain choc or youghurt (sp? Lol!) coated.
If I ever win the lotto, I'd seriously love to start a snack food company.
(Ham, Cheddar and hot mango chutney crisps, anyone?)

Unknown said...

I have had a bag and there wasn't any salt whatsoever, a dissapointment when compared to Flipz.

Unknown said...

I have tried them twice and there hasn't been any salt on the pretzels, are you sure there was?

cinabar said...

David Yates - strange, mine def had salt... whole crystals were visible.

Danielle said...

The Penn State ones weren't as good as Cadbury in my view, but nothing beats Flipz for me.

The Cadbury ones have no salt that I've seen, whereas Flipz have the balance just right! It's worth the added £2 to get the imported stuff every so often!

cinabar said...

Yes, I know what you mean. I always pick some up if I'm in the import shops.