8 February 2013

Thorntons Pop Bubbles – Fizzy Cola Flavour [By @cinabar]

I decided to have a nosey in Thorntons over the weekend, and spotted these pretty glass pop bottles filled with choccies. I love the presentation, they do look like should contain some classic brewed drink and are lovely and retro. Although both cherryade and lemonade were also on offer, it was the cola edition that I thought was most interesting. Coke and chocolate sounds like an intriguing combination.
Inside each glass bottle are small balls of milk chocolate, all flavoured with cola and popping candy. The taste is through and through, and there isn’t a filling as such. The popping candy is mixed in and adds a light crunch, followed by its magic. Now popping candy is an acquired taste, but for me its fun and I am not yet over the novelty of the snapping and crackling. It appeals to my inner child.
The cola flavour is a lot more tart than a drinking cola would be, there seems to be a healthy dose of sharp lemon mixed in, but this is all balanced by the smooth milk chocolate which adds sweetness. The popping candy made me smile. It’s an odd combination, and perhaps it shouldn’t work but it does. I guess these are somewhere between being chocolates and sweets, with the presentation of the glass bottle it makes them excellent as a gift opportunity.
Frankly though I’m wishing Thortons just brought out a cheaper bag of these, so that I wouldn’t need an excuse to go back and buy more.
By Cinabar


Lot-O-Choc said...

these sound really interesting - i cant imagine chocolate & cola together; ill have to give these a try!

Kevs Snack Reviews said...

Ooh I have to try these ones! I've only had the Cherryade ones so far and they were nice, but very sweet. I agree they should do them in a cheaper bag version. Have you tried the lemonade bubbles yet?

Hannah The Review Addict said...

These sounds really nice, particularly like the sound of the lemonade ones!