24 September 2013

New Lindt Lindor: My Melting Moment (Tesco) [By @cinabar]

Is it too early for Christmas chocolates? I think it might be... but technically this is just a winter chocolate as it is in the shape of a snowflake... we will say no more about Christmas for now. It is actually too early for winter chocolate, I know this as I caught the sun last Sunday and Spectre got stung by a wasp, but I except its coming to the end of the season.
This chocolate is an individual portion of chocolate, very prettily moulded into a snowflake, with a split down the middle for two bites, or to share. I found these on two for £1, so already decided to share and yet keep the whole chocolate to myself but not to eat two of them, because that would be greedy. ;-)
The milk chocolate shell is filled with the same filling you would expect on a Lindor chocolate. It’s quite magical stuff, it is really silky and yet rich with loads of sweet chocolate flavour. It’s quite something and the oozing centre does just melt in the mouth. The chocolate shell is spot on too, creamy and sweet, and at just about the right thickness, so that it provides lots of flavour, but gives easily when you bite in. Yum!
This new Lindt Lindor Melting Moment is perfect for a sneaky treat, without the guilt of opening a whole bar of chocolate. It’s an indulgent treat and is just the right size to go with a coffee in the afternoon as a bit of a pick me up. It may not be winter yet, but these will be going in my shopping basket a few more times before the season commences.
By Cinabar


Erin Burns said...

Ooh these look magical! I love when all of the limited edition Christmas things come out! Great review as always :)

cinabar said...

I like the Christmas stuff too - but need to get through Halloween first ;-)