1 April 2017

All 4 One Lager (ALDI) By @SpectreUK

It's not often I fancy a lager. I prefer to sup ale for the variety of malts and hops that make them in my opinion a tastier and more rewarding drink to saver. Lager was for when I was younger to see how many I could drink from the cheap tap in the pub and to see how loud I could burp to make my friends laugh. I think what I'm trying to say is that lager usually blows me up. Cinabar and her mom would refute this saying just about any type of food or drink blows me up, and I'd tend to agree. Yet lager especially, and especially lager shandy, but that's another day, blows me up like a hot air balloon!

This is a four-hop lager called All 4 One from The Great British Brewery. It was created especially for ALDI, from a guest brewer called the Hogs Back Brewery. The label boasts grassy Germanic hops and also citrusy fruity hops, but doesn't list them, as I'd have been interested to know what they were. This 4.5% lager had a pleasing fizz on opening. I could see what they meant on the label. There is grassiness to the smell with herby undertones and a touch of citrus. This deep golden lager bucked excitedly on pouring into my waiting beer glass.

I'll certainly never say that a lager can't be very tasty again. On initial sup this lager brims with flavour. There are four hops in here that are battling against each other to get to first place across the finishing line of my tastebuds. There is the herby grassiness in the lead quickly caught up by the citrus and fruitiness snapping at it's heals with added bitterness. The fruitiness does an honour lap right through the aftertaste. Not too fizzy too, so Cinabar can be relieved, as only the usual amounts of wind will be escaping tonight!

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