30 April 2017

Anya - The Tea. Ceremonial Akashi Matcha (@NLi10)

A good while back I got the lovely present of some top quality Matcha - and now I've finished my old tin I've moved on to this.  I've become quite fond of the odd green powder, and while it's not an everyday treat it does give you that lovely slow burn of caffeine for 4 hours or so.  Plus it tastes amazing too.

As you can see it's kind of settled during transit - what the photo fails to capture is the green mist that rises as you open it - you can see some has settled on the counter - curse the ring pull opening system!

For a quick blast I do love adding a scoop to a shot of almond milk and blending it.  Unfortunately the little cocktail spinner is at work so I've had to mix by hand.

It's lumpier than I'd like it but it still has that amazing blend of the sweet almond milk and the harsh deep matcha tea.  Hopefully this summer I'll get to mess about with it a bit more and make green tea ice-cream and other kinds of smoothies.  Maybe I need to acquire some cheaper less refined tea for that, and save this for sipping ceremonially.

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