9 April 2017

Raw chocolate & sushi (not at the same time) @NLi10

One evening in Birmingham I happened to take an unusual route due to trying to shelter a bit from the rain on the way to a restaurant - and spotted a new branch of a shop from Digbeth that we've talked about food from before. Naturally I had to go in and wait a little while for the rain to subside.

And they actually had lovechock - in stock on a Uk highstreeet!! Follow the link if you want to see our first impressions, but suffice to say that this pecan/maca flavour is very similar in texture with a few different flavour elements packed in.  Still amazing 4 years after we first found it!

I'll probably talk about the vegan milk chocolate that is Mylk another time, and certainly have a better write up of the store.

As you can probably tell though - we were here for Sushi!

This is a fairly popular All-You-Can-Eat for £20 sushi bar in Birmingham called Kyoto sushi and grill.  And it's the grill part that appealed to me - I can have all the different Japanese dishes in bite-size portions in one evening (and feel very, very full).

And there are buns for pudding too!  And fried Pineapple or banana in batter...

So, great as the Lovechock is we didn't actually eat any at the show on the day because we were just too full of Udon and other wonderful delights!

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