12 April 2017

Deglet Nour Dried Dates (Forest Feast) By @SpectreUK

Nope, don’t worry; I haven’t gone mad and healthy! However, something struck me when we had these Dates sent to us by Forest Feast that I’d never tried one. No really, never! I’ve been told they taste a little like figs. I do love fig rolls, the soft type that are produced especially for supermarkets, not the rock hard ones that you have to prepare your dentures for! So much so that I can eat a whole box quite happily, which are full of calories and I probably wouldn’t recommend it unless you’ve had a hard slog at the gym first. I know these Deglet Nour Dried Dates aren’t biscuits, but I have eaten figs without the wrapper and can’t remember them being particularly sweet. I’ve wanted to try Dates ever since watching Indiana Jones chucking them in the air to gob catch in Raiders of the Lost Ark. So, anyway, Dates…
Looking at the packet I’m actually quite excited about eating these now. These dried Dates are sported as having only naturally occurring sugars, with no additives or preservatives, with low fat and salt, and a good source of fibre. In fact the packet states “naturally sweet and ready to eat.” So, I get it; healthy and not completely like fig rolls. On opening the packet I was slightly disappointed that the Dates weren’t heart shaped like the front of the packet – but there you go (just joking). Each date had been chopped in half and the stone taken out (as a favour to my teeth). Don’t get excited, as the ingredients state – these really are just Dates. However, it’s difficult to say “just Dates”. They are syrupy sweet and have an almost melt in the mouth texture. I’ve always said that grapes are nature’s sweet, however, these are most definitely also from Mother Nature’s Sweet Shop. How I’ve never tried Dates before is beyond me. They are really good washed down with a mug of spicy chai tea too. And so healthy, but I’d suggest you eat them in either the 25g sized fruit serving as one of your five a day or half the packet at a time, as they are quite filling as an after lunch grazing snack. Their syrupy sweet nature may also have you running around the office or maybe the gym!
Information on the packet;
The 100g packet has 270 calories, 0.1g of fat, 68g of natural sugar, 0.03g of salt. Ingredients include; yes, you’ve guessed it: Dates.

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