28 April 2017

Maryland Creations - Soft Centres Biscuits (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

These biscuits reminded me of some Maryland biscuits we wrote about a couple of years ago, Soft Bakes. If I’m totally honest I had to Google to make sure we hadn’t reviewed these already, but these biscuits are new to me, and are different to the similarly packaged Soft Bakes. With years of blogging and a poor memory I’m surprised I don’t need to Google like that more often!
In fact these new Maryland Creations Soft Centres are not soft, the biscuit is firm and crunchy, but the soft part is in the filling in the middle.

Once the wrapper was off I did think the number of biscuits compared to the size of the outer packaging was a bit ungenerous. I mean they were well spaced out with the black plastic tray, and not as big as I’d hoped.
I broke one of the Maryland Creations Soft Centres Biscuits in half, they are quite tough cookies so this wasn’t that easy, but I wanted to have a look at the centre. I was surprised by how gooey the filling was, it wasn’t quite runny, but it did ooze a little.

The biscuit flavour was really nice, they had a good baked taste and plenty of chocolate chips which are perfect for my sweet tooth. I have always loved a mix of textures in a product, so this was a success too for me. The edges of the biscuits were quite firm and crunchy, but the best bite is the one in the middle where with the chocolate centre is, the texture here is nicely mixed. The harder shell on either side of the gooey chocolate works very well, and you properly experience the soft centre. Plus your mouth gets a shot of chocolate filling, that makes the whole bite totally divine.


Something to look forward to said...

Hmmm...these look suspiciously like Maryland Gooeys! http://eveningtreats.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/maryland-gooeys-chocolate.html

cinabar said...

I new they looked familiar!!!