20 April 2017

Moser Roth - Luxury Ghanaian Easter Egg (Aldi) by @NLi10

I'm old now.  I don't get many Easter presents, I guess I'm supposed to be the one buying them (but the cats one didn't really work out).  My parents however do enjoy making us some rocky road (which is the best) and this year I also got a bonus egg - that frankly looks amazing.

Here we have a Moser Roth Privat Chocolatiers Luxury Ghanaian Easter Egg from The Collection - which is a very long and complicated way of saying this is an Aldi 'own brand' chocolate egg.  I'm not a snob about these things (and know that our European cousins know a lot about good dark chocolate) so I was quite excited by this.

They even helpfully point out where Ghana is on the map!  Naturally all the guff on the back describes the chocolate in the same way that people describe wine when they don't want you to suspect their growing alcohol dependance. Maybe this is a new trend. Floral notes indeed.

I suspected it may be all stripes and no tiger, but then I tried to crack the egg.  Unlike most where a good squeeze shatters the egg into pleasing fragments this took a sharp blow with a kitchen knife to begin to separate - the chocolate is thick and strong with a really warm and pleasing brown colour that contrasts the titanium dioxide stripes well.  

The smell from the egg is pretty strong and the taste is amazing.  I'm not really a fan of milk chocolate, but this has definitely got some pretty strong and unique flavours going on - maybe the wine-tasters blurb has some merit after all!  There is definitely a creaminess but there are earthy tones and light, sweet flavours too.  It's the kind of thing I'm glad I didn't open with friends present as it would have vaporised.

One to slowly savour and hope that you can pick up similar in the regular bars from Aldi to cover the cravings.

So, flawless zebra/tiger hybrid presentation, fantastic thick chocolate and a wonderful flavour.  An effortless Easter win from a supermarket own brand Easter egg!

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Something to look forward to said...

Oooh fab - this is what the Easter Bunny brought me too but I've not opened mine yet :)