6 April 2017

Fry's Family Meat Free Pepper steak style pies - @NLi10

Today we continue the dig through the 'things I've bought in special offers' section of the freezer, this particular one being Ocado's offer to buy a whole bunch of things from the Fry's family range for one low price.

This enabled me to take a few more 'risks' with what I've picked up - and I've gone for things that vegan/vegetarian options have traditionally done very poorly on.  Today - pies! Frozen pies are very hard to get right, even in the carnivorous world.

Here we get two fairly flat looking pies, that really don't look like much when compared to a Pieminister option but do have a promising look of quality to them.

And when cooked they look like this:

My veggie partner was a little put off by the authenticity of the meat free steak filling of the pie, but for us meat eaters the filling here was a little too much like a mince based pie.  There were certainly other things going on here too - and indeed the sauce was maybe a little bit too peppery for me.

But the pastry was glorious! Not in a thick, crispy, pieminister way, but here it's a much more delicate layered approach which is really impressive for a frozen pie.  The base too was as you'd want, solid enough to keep everything in place and crumbly enough to satisfy.

So while this is possibly the least impressive of the Fry's products I've reviewed so far, it's still easily of high enough quality to buy and serve.  Maybe I'll look for one of the 'white meat' style varieties that I'm sure exist.  It's always great to have some pies that can sit in the freezer for a few months without effecting the quality, and ones that can be shared by the veggies and vegans are even more flexible.  So much better than the equivalent £1 corner shop meat pies!

I think that the non-frozen (but you can freeze at home) pies by Higgedy and Pieminister have upped the game (and my expectations) of what makes a good 'at home' pie experience.  If you do need to stash away some rainy-day vegan pies though then now there is at least an option that you can look forwards to eating.

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