5 April 2017

Pepsi MAX Ginger (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

You may think this is weird, but I don't really like Pepsi and haven't had it for years. You possibly think from that I prefer Cola, but I don't really like that either (asides fizzy cola bottles). Don't get me wrong as I can drink either, but I'm just not fussed by them. There are so many other soft fizzy drinks out there that I just avoid them on the shelves in the supermarket. I don't dislike them as much as Dr. Pepper, as to me that just tastes like shampoo (not that I drink shampoo on a regular basis, but it probably tastes better). I prefer fruitier fizzy drinks, like tropical, limeade or orange. I'd prefer to drink Pepsi or Cola over cherryade (blurgh!), but that's just me. My favourite fizzy drink asides sweet lemonade shandy is ginger beer, as you may have noticed from previous blogs. This is where the Pepsi comes in with new Pepsi MAX Ginger…

There was a whiff of ginger on opening the bottle that was quickly followed by Pepsi. To Cinabar's Mom and I on closer smells of the bottle (yes, we do that as bloggers!), we could smell the almost syrupy sweetness of Pepsi MAX and ginger in equal parts. To Cinabar all she could smell was ginger. On taste all Cinabar could taste was ginger and forgot all about the Pepsi MAX side of the drink. Both Cinabar's Mom and I agreed that the Pepsi and ginger had mixed well together. To me there is an initial taste of ginger, not fiery like some ginger beverages, as the Pepsi MAX quickly mixes its syrupy sweetness in to the flavour cutting the fire from the ginger and cooling the drink down. Not a scary one for kids, but certainly good for a ginger starter before moving onto the real nose hair ticklers out there. One I'd surprisingly buy again, as I did enjoy this drink and wouldn't be amiss wondering about town with one for refreshment in my pocket.

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