16 April 2017

Easter egg for cats - yogurt and catnip flavour (@NLi10)

I like silly reviews. Often it's something that you probably shouldn't eat, but technically can, or a mix of unusual flavours. Here we have a novelty item that is clearly aimed at the Cat Dad segment, or the person who wants to buy a present for them.

Cats do not need Easter Eggs, they probably don't care for a giant rabbit coming into their garden. Cats generally aren't fussed about chocolate, and why worry about resurrection when you have 9 lives?

As you can see Duchess isn't that fussed about the egg.

It's understandable - it's essentially things that cats don't really eat, like sugar and oil. The milk, yogurt and catnip are all things that cats like to eat though so I figured it was worth a shot. It also seemed fit for humans to sample too - only 2.4 % crude ash? Yum!

So I cracked open the box and presented the egg in its entirety to Luna - hoping she'd try to crack it open. She went upstairs.

I pushed down on the egg and it crumbled easily. I took a thin, but sizeable chunk and took a bite.  It's very hard to describe the taste of food that isn't designed for humans as the flavours are on completely different dimensions. Imagine then if you took sweet vinegar with yogurt and mint and mixed them all together so that the flavours were really cheap but really intense.  Give the food the texture of grit, and an aftertaste that just won't quit.  

Cat food has a strange quality to it at the best of times as anyone who has got cat food gravy on their hands or clothes and then smelt it too closely will attest.  There are very few silly reviews that result in me regretting trying the food, but this is one of them.  Cat Easter Egg does not taste like it should be eaten by any human. It tastes of regret.

And largely the cats didn't seem interested either.

Duchess loves milk, but isn't fussed about catnip.  She licked it.  She ignored it.

Mabel eats any cheese like substance that falls on the floor.  She ate the first bit of this I gave her, then she ignored the rest.

We put this crumbled up first bit in one of the food bowls.  The other two cats ate the biscuits around the easter egg but avoided the treat.  Abject failure.

I'm not sure whether this is due to my reaction to trying their special present before them, or just a reflection of how terrible this truly is - even on a cat scale.  Like most pet gimmicks though this one is probably designed to be bought once and never again.  We may leave some at the bottom of the garden to see if any of the strays like it, but i suspect it will just end up in the bin.

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