3 April 2017

Degusta Box March 2017 (@DegustaboxUK) By @Cinabar

The lovely folks from Degusta said they would send us one of their latest boxes of food finds for us to try. This is part of a monthly subscription box, so that you can have regular treats delivered.
This was quite exciting for us at Foodstuff Finds, as you can imagine we love the idea of new and interesting things to tuck into. Opening it up and discovering the contents was fun, here are some of the highlights.
We had the two new Dairy Milk Oreo bars, I’ve previously tried (and throughly enjoyed) the Mint edition, but this is the first time I have seen the Peanut Butter version, so expect that to be reviewed very soon.
Spectre’s eyes lit up when he saw that there were two cans of cider in the box, both of which he’d not tried before. He also picked up the Piper’s Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt crisps saying that these would be the perfect accompaniment to an evening of Cider “testing”! I’ve had Piper’s crisps before and we’ve always enjoyed them, so I may have to hope he shares!
There was a recipe in the box for chicken that used both the Heinz Seriously Good Mediterranean sauce and Maldon smoked sea salt, which I am going to have to give a try. I liked that they included this, I’m not sure I’ve ever use smoked sea salt before so it will encourage a little experimental cooking.
The Weetabix On The Go drinks will be good for me to have a quick liquid breakfast on my train journey to work. I’ve not seen the berry flavoured one before.
There are also some sweets (jelly beans, and chocolate eclairs) and a weird sounding jelly drink, coconut milk milkshake and a raw cocoa bar. All of which I’m looking forward to trying.
I have to give this Degusta Box a big thumbs up. I think the most impressive thing was that there were a lot of things we hadn’t tried before, which is quite something as we constantly have our eyes open for new and interesting products. We are looking forward to reviewing some of our stash on Foodstuff Finds over the next few weeks.

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