10 April 2017

Nescafe Gold – White Chocolate Mocha (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

Although I don’t put sugar in coffee, I do like coffees that are flavoured. Perhaps I’m repressing my inner sweet tooth but sugar in a coffee seems weird, but syrup; well let’s just say I have an addiction. I own a selection that puts most of the big brand coffee shops to shame… and also completely fills one corner of the kitchen. Chocolate Mint Latte anyone?
Obviously I don’t take my stash of syrup bottles to work, so mostly I drink white unsweetened instant coffee while I’m there. I did spot these fab looking sachets of the new seasonal edition Nescafe Gold White Chocolate Mocha drinks and thought I’d give them the taste test, and have a bit of a treat at work. I poured the contents of the sachet into a mug added hot water and gave it a stir. If you look at the instructions, it says to wait and then give it a second stir to ensure that all the bits get mixed in properly. It makes a huge difference and gets rid of all the lumpy bits.
The drink was not overly sweet, but the flavour from the white chocolate added a lovely background flavour. You could really tell it was white chocolate, it had that sweet and luscious taste. The best part of the drink was just how creamy it was, the addition of the white chocolate gave the drink such a fab soothing smooth edge. It is very easy to drink, and sweet and creamy. The box was a bit of treat at work, and one I’ll savour for a reprieve during a busy work afternoon. It does make me wonder whether my usually suppler of bottles of syrups does a white chocolate variety, and whether or not I can squeeze one more bottle on the shelf…

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