27 April 2017

Orecchiette Alle Verdure - colourful Italian Pasta (by @NLi10)

There was a time, in my teens when Pasta was the main thing I ate. Pasta for every meal that wasn't breakfast cereal. I still maintain that it's better than bread, but I do now appreciate that it basically has no nutritional value (the same as bread). That said I do crave the stuff occasionally and love it when I get a crazy new style to try.

Here we have from Italy a bag of misshapen shells in all kinds of colours. It's also slightly thicker than regular pasta so offers a few more fiendish textures.

It looks amazing in the bag

And in the pan! 

Using sauce here highlights the issue with Quattro coloured pasta as it masks its magnificence.

I think I slightly over cooked it too, but it was a first go. 

As expected the flavours don't vary too much between pieces but it does look great and has a much more interesting taste sensation than a bag of value pasta twirls.totally present grade and I look forward to stretching this over as many meals as possible by keeping the portion size small and adding lots of other Italian style things. So much fun!

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