8 April 2017

Single Wide IPA Beer (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

I figured this Single-Wide IPA from the Boulevard Brewery, in Kansas City, would be a treat when I read the label some time ago. The brewers added a small amount of yeast into the bottle to produce a secondary fermentation. The yeast then settles naturally to the bottom of the bottle maturing the beer and adding to the flavour. Well, with that description I just had to leave this Indian Pale Ale to the end date before opening. I wanted the fullest possible flavour and was hoping to get it.

On opening this 5.7% volume Pale ale I certainly didn't expect it to be so excitable. I dumbly stared at the bottle for what seemed an age as it poured its contents all over the pad next to my beer glass. Once I'd finally reacted and poured as much of the over eager beer into my glass as I could save, and also mopped up after it, I noticed the light sweet pale malt smell with a touch of yeast at the end of the aroma.

Served in a 355ml bottle this murky golden ale has a heavy full-bodied pale and wheat malt flavour combined, with sweetness to the malts, which transcends to an herbal bitter hoppy flavour into the aftertaste. The aftertaste is lipsmacking and made me want to keep going back to the glass for more. I didn't realise that Single-Wide is another phrase for a mobile home. You learn something new everyday, such as opening a beer in the sink that's travelled across the big wide pond and sat on a shelf for several months just waiting for a chance to get at you!

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