26 April 2017

Mild Wasabi Prawn Snackers (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

These Prawn Snackers produced by Itsu are available in two flavours, which are sweet chilli and this mild wasabi flavour. There is a wealth of information on the back of the packet; otherwise known as Shrimp Puffs, Prawn Crackers are a mixture of prawns, flour and water, which is rolled out, sliced and flash fried. I’ve tried plenty of wasabi flavoured peas and other snacks and know they can be nose ticklingly spicy, but have not tried wasabi flavoured prawn crackers. However, the caveat of ‘mild’ has calmed my nerves a tad, so I’m not expecting a sneezing fit on first taste.

On opening the packet the Prawn Snackers smelt and looked just like any other prawn crackers, asides the slightly menacing green tint. However on first taste that mild wasabi mixes well with the fried prawn and flour flavours of each cracker without distracting the tastebuds away from it. There were no sneezing fits either, just a pleasant spice and step away from the normal prawn crackers on the market. After a few prawn crackers had been popped into my mouth I noticed the wasabi spice had started to build a little. Never too uncomfortably hot or even up to medium heat, but enough to know that I’d been eating wasabi flavoured snacks, and probably had a ‘lucky escape’ from the often nose hair straightening effect wasabi can have. I’d certainly have these Mild Wasabi Prawn Snackers again, especially on the side of a spicy Chinese or Thai meal.

Information on the packet;
18g packet contains 95 calories, with5.5g of fat, 1.7g of sugar, and 0.39g of salt. See photograph for ingredients.

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