17 April 2017

BBQ Beef Burnt Ends Sub (Subway) By @Cinabar

My local branch of Subway has had this particular new Sub advertised with a "coming soon" sign for some time. It has now finally arrived so it was the obvious choice for my lunch. I ordered the BBQ Beef Burnt Ends Sub with salad, (lettuce, tomato and cucumber) and olives (I have these on every Sub, whether they sound like they would go or not) and I just had some mayo as the dressing, as I wanted to pick up as much of the main flavour from the meat as I could.
The name of this Subway is a bit weird, but I have to say I did Google it and it made a bit more sense. Normally the idea of the "burnt ends" of anything sounds like the part you wouldn't want to eat, but apparently in the slow cooking and smoking process the Burnt Ends are a delicacy.
If beef has been slow cooked a long time you would imagine that it would be ultra soft and would just fall apart. This beef didn't, if anything it was a bit chewy, which is rather unusual in a Subway sandwich. Further Googling showed that Beef Burnt Ends are often chewy... I am learning things tonight.
The flavour was great though, the barbecues taste was spot on, not to strong, but a good mix of spice, and a lovely sweet and smoky flavour. I got used to the texture being a bit firmer, and enjoyed the rich meaty taste and salad. I have to admit to not knowing much about Beef Burnt Ends, but by the end of my Sub was left wanting to have it again, so it was a success.

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Anonymous said...

This is the review I was looking for. They are starting to serve this BBQ Beef Burnt Ends in Ireland, so wanted to see what somebody else thought