7 April 2017

Dairy Milk Peanut Butter Oreo (@DegustaUK) By @cinabar

This new bar of Dairy Milk Peanut Butter Oreo arrived in the Degusta box we received this month. It arrived with its companion the Dairy Milk Mint Oreo bar, but we had already reviewed that chocolate bar last month.
As a lover of peanut butter, and Oreo, I feel I ought to acknowledge a potential for a little bias. Of course at the minute the UK version of Peanut Butter Oreos is filled with a peanut butter "flavour" filling and not actually any peanuts. There is a warning stating "may contain nuts" but no reference to actual peanuts that I could see. This bar appears to be made of the same stuff. Please do check the packaging before trying the bar if you have any issues with nuts, just incase the ingredients change, or I’ve missed something.

Anyway this makes the filling fairly similar, but still tasty, to peanut butter, but a little sweeter but with a hint of bitterness that isn’t quite right. Don’t get me wrong I still really enjoy it, and in this context wrapped in a good portion of Dairy Milk chocolate and combined with the biscuit crunch of Oreo it is gorgeous. The bar has lots of varied textures, the chocolate is firm but the filling is both smooth and crunchy. Fake peanut butter or not I had no problem munching my way through this bar, and can't wait to pick up another, it combines two of my favourite things. Quite often the Dairy Milk bars int he UK are similar releases to those in Europe, but made with Milka chocolate. I’ll have to investigate is there is a Milka version of this, and whether it contains really peanut butter.

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