2 April 2017

Hippeas - organic chickpea puffs (herbs//fajita) by @NLi10

Here we have a couple of big, sharing size bags of crisps that we picked up at the Webbs Garden Centre visit last weekend.  The special feature of these is that they are made of chickpea and not potatoes or wheat (and are both certified Gluten Free and Vegan).

Variety is always good, so we picked up a couple to try.  There were 5 flavours, and I assumed we'd taken two that would provide a good view of the range (I'd wanted a vinegar based flavour, but that was not to be). There are also Smoke, Pepper & Cheese flavours.

First up we have 'in herbs we trust' which follows the modern trend of having slightly more interesting names for flavours while not really describing what is going on.  We all understand what herb flavoured crisps would taste like though - oregano essentially - and these taste like that.  Like a pizza topping, without the cheese or tomato and very nice to boot.  The texture here is a lot more crunchy and crispy than the Romanian crisps of disappointment, and these are satisfying savoury snacks.  My partner said that these edged ahead of the two flavours for her affections, but that both were very, very good.

I on the other hand preferred these - the 'far out fajita' flavouring which has more of a Mexican feel to the herbs involved.  Chilli, paprika and cumin sounds like it'd be quite a powerful combination, but this is not the case.  These are mellow and just warming enough to be eaten safely without the need for quenching - and they don't suffer from the horrible flavour dust everywhere of the more artificial brands.

Overall I wasn't a massive fan, my partner will eat the majority of these.  Both were very nice crisps, and will sit nicely as afternoon watching TV bites, just something I'd not tend to snack on extensively or choose myself in the store.

I found the chickpea puffs themselves were less enticing to me that the Holland & Barrett stocked equivalents where the texture just drew me in.  I guess it's just a personal taste thing.

Not only are these very well crafted, quality snacks, but they are also very ethically minded and are proud of their hippie roots and credentials.

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