21 April 2017

Izza Pizza - Selfridges Birmingham By @Cinabar

We had a day out shopping over the Bank Holiday weekend and decided to treat ourselves to some lunch in Selfridges Food Hall in Birmingham. There is a lot to choose from, but new on the scene is Izza Pizza.
They had a spectacular pizza over on site, covered in gold mirrored tiles, and we thought we’d see what the pizza from there was like. As I like seafood, I opted for the Pink Desire, which is smoked salmon and rocket.

The pizza came quickly enough and we munched on some seriously tasty olives while we waited. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but for some reason I had assumed there would be tomato sauce. The pizza came and it was just that a base with some salmon, some rocket, some capers and a drizzle of horseradish creme fresh. No base sauce at all. It looked a little bare, but I decided to try and cut myself a wedge. This didn’t go too well, the pizza base was firm and was a bit of an effort to cut, and when I had made it through, I picked it up and the topping immediately fell off. I tried a bit of the base, before reconstructing the topping. The texture and flavour of that base was superb, it had such a good flavour and despite the trouble cutting the texture was spot on, firm and almost spongey. Due to the nature of the topping layout there were quite a few bites where there was just base, and I didn’t mind this at all when it tasted this good. You need a proper pizza oven for that kind of dough.
The toppings were lovely too, the salmon was very fresh and full of flavour, and rocket added a lovely spice, and the capers had a good vinegar edge which jazzed things up. The star of the show was the horseradish creme fresh, that was both creamy and spicy and worked so well with the smoked salmon that I wondered why it wasn’t as standard as beef and horseradish.
I loved every bite of that pizza and cleared my plate. I just think next time I’ll ask them to cut it into wedges for me.


Unknown said...

Was it cheeseless too ?!

cinabar said...

Yes - very different to the pizzas I've had in the past, and certainly more healthy!