29 April 2017

The Bee17 Beer (Sainsburys) By @spectreUK

When I first picked up this can I thought it would have been brewed with honey. Produced in Falkenberg, in Sweden, by the Backyard Brewery this Bee 17 'Hop-struck' Pilsener says nothing amongst the wealth of information on the can about honey. There are B17 Flying Fortresses on the front of the can coloured like bees! Asides my confusion, this 4.7% Pilsener, was dry hopped with Saaz and Willamette, and brewed with Pilsener and Caramel malts. On opening the 330ml can there was a floral smell from the mixture of hops and a light sweetness from the malts. Despite being straight from the fridge this striking golden beer, had a sort of instant warmth from the depth of flavours. The malt Pilsener followed by sweet caramel hit my tastebuds first and then the floral bitterness from the hops. This is a beer that's full of flavour and I'm sure a little mischief. If this craft beer was made in someone's backyard, then it's certainly a backyard I'd like to hang around in!

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