23 April 2017

Czech Wafer disks, Fidorka - Coconut & Hazelnut (@NLi10)

When I picked up the last round of items for Disappointment Wars I came across these little Czech wafer things, that seem to be the Euro Wafer version of a Wagon Wheel.  Essentially you get one big disk of a given chocolate (both of these are Milk) and then a tasty filling.  Well that's the hope anyway.  At 45p a shot I wasn't holding out too much hope.  These sat in the snack basket for a little while.

Then I got hungry one day and tried the coconut variety - and it was really nice! I mean, it's not Knoppers, but it's easily one of the better wafer options I've had recently.  The choc means that it hasn't dried out and the flavours are actually noticeably coconuty!

A week or so later I tried the hazelnut variety, which despite the darker pic is the same choc (I googled it) but smells like Nutella.  The flavour isn't quite as strong as the coconut one, but I'd still have this again - and in searching for these online I found that they tend to be closer to 60p each so I got a bargain.

Good enough to buy for sharing with colleagues and just about interesting to talk enough here.  There are actual Dark and White chocolate versions available too, so expect another brief write-up of these when I next pop to the Polish Grocers in search of treats.

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