25 April 2017

McVitie's Digestive Dark Thins (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

I recently tried and reviewed about McVitie's Digestive Cappuccino Thins biscuits. They were okay, but I wasn’t overly impressed, the coffee flavour seemed to overpower anything and the thin nature of the biscuit meant that the base taste of the biscuit was covered over. Interestingly several people had said to me since that they love the new McVitie's Digestive Thins and that the Dark flavour are the best. I’m always willing to give a new product idea a second chance so I picked up the Dark chocolate edition biscuits to give them the taste test. Oddly enough I loved Oreo Thins when I tried them, so I’m not averse to skinny biscuits.

As per the Cappuccino Thins these McVitie's Digestive Dark Thin biscuits were very thin, one side was coated in chocolate and the other had a logo impressed into the thin biscuit. I gave one the taste test, and have to admit it worked a lot better than the Cappuccino variety. The wonderful wholemeal biscuit flavour shone through on these Thins, something that was missing on the Cappuccino variety. The chocolate was nice too, and had a good dark rich flavour, but the cocoa worked well with the biscuit rather than covering it. I have to admit these were a bit too easy to munch on, and I could see the contents going down very quickly. In my defence they only take a couple of bites and they are gone, so you end up reaching for the next one. I think this means they were a success, and that if you are thinking of buying McVitie's Thins I give the Dark Chocolate variety the thumbs up.

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