26 July 2021

After Eight - Strawberry & Mint (GB Gifts) By @Cinabar

After Eight - Strawberry & Mint

Not that long ago I would have said that the idea of combining mint and fruit flavours was crazy, After Eight have changed my opinion on that. They have successfully combined mint with orange previously and even other ingredients like Mango and Pineapple. There was a Gin and Tonic edition at one point too, the flavours are quite mad sometimes. For Summer this year they have mixed mint with a classic summer fruit and here we have After Eight Strawberry & Mint, I couldn’t wait to try it.

After Eight - Strawberry & Mint

The box is bright and red on the outside and the box is quite posh on the inside too. The After Eights look like the normal ones with the usually paper enveloped and the dark chocolate with the white filling. The flavour is very different, the mint is at half strength and the berry flavour for the other half. There aren’t many occasions where you can describe the flavour as a refreshing strawberry but that is what these are. The have a nice sweet strawberry fruit flavour that mellows to a cool mild mint. They work well, like many of the limited edition After Eights they shouldn’t but they do. These are a lovely treat and I heartily recommend popping them in the fridge for an extra bit of cool.


Anonymous said...

im not paying that, good day sir!!!!

cinabar said...

I bought my box for £3.49 at GB Gifts - seemed reasonable?