26 April 2023

Barratt Wham Space Babies #gifted By @SpectreUK

Barratt Wham Space Babies

Jelly Babies in space! Barratt very kindly sent us these Barratt Wham Space Babies sour gummies. It's rare to get anything new through the post given to us try, and it is really nice of a snack or drink producer to do that. Hint, hint.

I'm really hoping I like these Barratt Wham Space Babies, "Power of Extreme Sour" and "soft & sour space gums". I have a habit of being too honest at times, but I still reckon you prefer that and certainly deserve it when you spend your time to read our blogs. And your time is always appreciated too.

Barrett's space themed take on their Jelly Babies seems like a good idea to me. Who doesn't like space? And dinosaurs, don't forget dinosaurs. I do like sour gummies, though some claim to be more sour than others. Just like super hot chilli crisps with lots of flames and warning chillis all over a packet. So I'm hoping these Barratt Space Babies will deliver a Wham as promised.

Barratt Wham Space Babies

There are four flavours of Barratt Wham Space Babies available. Raspberry, Strawberry, Banana, and Apple. As you can see from the colour chart photograph, pale in colour there were predominantly banana and strawberry sour Space Babies flavours in the packet. There were only a couple of apple flavours in the bag, and no raspberry flavour. Perhaps there is a bag of apple flavour somewhere, and also a packet of the elusive raspberry flavour that is so full of raspberry sour Space Babies that it makes a funny noise when opening.

The texture of these sour Space Babies was a foam gummy, so very squidgy and nice and chewy. I tried the apple first. Yes, that was pretty face twistingly sour to start with, and then a fruity apple flavour to finish. There was definitely a Wham there. The banana flavour had the same effect of contorting my face in all directions. After chewing through all that sour sugar, the banana flavour was reminiscent of the old banana shaped foam gummies I used to like as a kid, so these made me smile. The strawberry flavour was my favourite. That Wham super sour sugar to start with, followed by a lovely sweet and fruity strawberry taste. I can't wait to try the raspberry flavour. Oh well, I guess I'll have to open another bag…

Information on the packet; The 130g packet contained 344 calories per 100g, with 0.1g of fat, 54g of sugar, and 0.03g of salt. The ingredients included no artificial colours or preservatives, please see the photograph below.

Barratt Wham Space Babies

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