13 April 2023

100% Grass Fed Wagyu Burgers - Artisan Finnebrogue (@NLi10)

 Review is a bit late today - because I've only just finished eating these!

My partner is away so I can risk buying and home-cooking meat without stinking the house too much.

Wagyu is something I've never tried really - but "Probably The Best Burger In The World" and me needing two Burgers is a pretty good timing.

They look pretty when raw!  They are a little shiny somehow - and don't feel disgusting like some burgers.  And they smelt gorgeous while on the George Formby grill.

Pic doesn't show it too well, but the tops and bottoms are really crispy! And they were so tender - I really didn't need two - I was pretty full by the end of this pile. 

And yeah - probably the best beef burgers I've had at home - and certainly if we are judging just the meat quality these are up there vs restaurants too.

Pan fried gnocchi and a little veg topped it off nicely.

bonus pics! Here is my favourite pizza from co-op - also topped with Broccoli from the huge pack I ended up with because weights and measures confuse me.

And post cooking add rocket for super spicy delights!

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Anonymous said...

I think it’s Cream Soda flavoured. Fanta.