1 April 2023

Northern Monk’s Syrup Stack Stout (Wee Beer Shop @WeeBeerShop) By @SpectreUK

Northern Monk’s Syrup Stack Stout

We have just received a big box of a variety of different beers we ordered from our friend in Scotland, Wee Beer Shop. So, hot off the press comes Monk's Syrup Stack. Monk's Syrup Stack is a Canadian breakfast stout from Northern Monk Brew Company. At 6% in volume with hints of smoky bacon and syrup, and with maple syrup and maltodextrin added in the brewing, this stout should have the sweetness of caramel and a pancake flavour to it.

This Monk's Syrup Stack will be a new flavour of stout for me, and many others I'd expect, so I'm rather exited to try it. However, I'm not going to have it for breakfast, I'm afraid, as I'm out and about in my car today, so I'm going to drink this stout as a pudding beer after my fish and chips takeaway.

On opening the can there was a syrupy sweet aroma from the almost black liquid inside. This Monk's Syrup Stack stout had a definite smell of caramel sweet maple syrup. There was a big creamy head once this pancake stout was poured. I had a good feeling that this was going to make the perfect pudding beer.

On taste there was a silky smooth flavour of malted barley with hints of chocolate, and the thickness of oats, I couldn't detect a smoky flavour though. After the chocolate came a mild herbal bitterness from the hops that was snapped almost immediately away from my tastebuds to be replaced by a pancake flavour and then almost syrupy sweet caramel that massaged my palate all the way into the aftertaste. Simply gorgeous. Once I had finished my pint of Monk's Syrup Stack, I immediately fancied another and then another.

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