6 April 2023

PUKKA Pies - Chip Shop Chicken Curry Pie (@NLi10)

Pukka Pies are usually pretty reliable, filling and with decent flavours and quality ingredients.  I’m always happy to try new ones - so seeing this chip-shop curry variety was a treat

Essentially (at least in Britain) Chip-Shop curry is just spicy gravy - which is essentially the Japanese Curry ‘Katsu’.  This means that it lacks a kick, but does have. A lovely warm flavour to it.

I mean it doesn’t have that much inside - chicken & potato - but I’m ok with that.  Ordinarily I’d get chips on the side too - that’s the main thing I’m lacking here!

Instead we get crispy potato things, and a few frozen veg - a balanced and healthy meal.

And yeah - there is a lot of ‘growing room’ in the pie here, but in this price category you aren’t usually going to manage to beat Pukka for value.

The pie tastes like a chip-shop chicken curry.  I could have eaten two without much effort - but with the sides it worked well.  Although I really did want chips with it.

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