16 April 2023

Tcha & a Bubble waffle [and pretty dogs] (@NLi10)

 I attended (and helped out at) a dog show near Coventry on Saturday, and nearby is one of the loveliest little farm shop/cafe's I've found.  It's a reason to go to the shows!

I picked up tcha tea in a can - and some salsa to review properly another day.

low calorie, vegan and gluten free? That's just tea - surely! Unfortunately it's very much just fruity water - nothing like the strong brewed teas you get in bottles from the grocery shops in Chinatown.  Refreshing, but disappointing.

One thing I got from Chinatown in Birmingham on Friday was this Happy Lemon Bubble Waffle. I'd not tried these before but they are the perfect mix of crispy bits and squishy batter. I'm having this again!

Back to the dog show...

In the shop they also had the mix for birthday cakes for dogs - yum! Oh hang on - with British Duck. Nope. And for £12 your puppy might rather have something else. Like a new bed!

Star is only 5 months old so no birthdays, but so many gifts anyway!

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