23 April 2023

Razzberry Bang Juice - Morrisons Market Kitchen (@NLi10)


I was next door to Morrisons the other day so I popped in for a look at their 'Markey Kitchen'. The idea is that it's a load of authentic street food stalls - like how you might get a gourmet pop-up appear in a mini-golf or bowling alley these days,

I spotted this half price drink and thought it'd be an exciting review.  I didn't take pictures of the whole set-up (would have been nice!) but they did pizza, chicken and some desert parlour things too.  I already had the evenings meal planned so I stuck with the juice.

I'd been out at the IMAX cinema next door - for the film fest which means that you can see films you've missed for £3.  I went to see The Batman because I'm not a massive DC fan but I do enjoy them occasionally. Shouldn't have been 3 hours though...  

I'm always sceptical that this brings new people into IMAX - yet every time there are people in the wrong row and all confused about it (it really isn't that clear).

The juice isn't that clear either - it's full of raspberry (sorry RAZZBERRY) seeds. 

And well - it's basically freshly squeezed apple juice with a touch of orange and raspberry to add pizzaz - and some acid to stop it going a funny colour due to oxidisation.

Technically there isn't any added water here - but it just wasn't that exciting.  Worth £1.25 but at the full £2.50 I'd have been a bit underwhelmed. Nice flavour and fairly refreshing, and the vitamins probably did me good, but I'll try something different next time.

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