9 April 2023

Juicy Drop Blasts - YouTube Hyped Kids Candy (@NLi10)

I'm not one to be swayed by all the hype and advertising, we still haven't tried Prime - even though it's ONLY £5 now from the paper-shop who diligently go and buy Asda out every day.

Before all that hit I used to get adverts every day for a kids sweet called Juicy Drop Blasts. Made by the big corp Bazooka candy (presumably Joe has retired now) and with very snazzy adverts I presumed they'd be very expensive.

But it's £1 for a bag!
The crazy professor never told me that!

It's basically breaking bad with rainbows instead of drugs.

Look at all the different flavours they do - clearly that's what the lads are discussing here.

I love adverts for sweets for 12 year olds that use 18-21 year olds as the actors!

As I don't have friends to do sour challenges with I just made a graph.  Seems they expect you to want more strawberry ones and raspberry than the odder flavours.

Lemon is great - it's a chewy lemon sherbert
Strawberry is fine - a nice sedate flavour
Raspberry is like the squishies
cola is odd - 2 was correct
I'd like more of the apple one - I love green apples
Watermelon tastes accurate but sherbet watermelons are odd.

Overall - these are just Starburst//Opal Fruits with some sherbet down the centre.

Good harmless fun, and nowhere near as sour or daring as the adverts suggested - but really nice to have as a treat occasionally at work.

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