27 April 2023

Vegan Block Naturli - like butter - only no milk (@NLi10)

 While undertaking the extensive preparations for the Coronation that's happening next weekend (ha!) I spotted some fantastic things to eat to celebrate us getting a king.

I've saved all the real stuff for closer to the day, but while there were lots of things to snack on no-one had really capitalised on Charles's love of the animals. So - I picked up some Vegan Block. Now ordinarily you'd go with a fun brand name like "I can't believe it's not butter" but that already exists, and portmanteaus like Not-Butter would come out as Nutter or Notter which both just sound wrong.

Vegan Block does sound like a protest though, or a self-defence move. It also feels like heresy as my family have an Irish Dairy in Co Donegal!

We will try it out on Scotch Pancakes.  Anyone who says these aren't essential is very wrong, and these store brand ones have the perfect crisp/fluffy ratio.

The Vegan Block has the perfect fat/different fat ratio. 75% oil - I can hear my arteries screaming already.

Certainly looks the part - it's slightly softer than butter would be out of the fridge so with the right knife you can get some lovely curls going.

Pop on some essential jam (see pic 1) and enjoy!

Verdict - tastes like decent butter.  Not quite as strong as the Kerrygold, and doesn't have that distinctive Lurpack taste that reminds me of childhood baking (turns out Irish Nanny was occasionally a heretic too!) but - it works really well.

The price/size of this is higher than regular butter but I was shocked at how effective this is.  First person to get a catchier brand name (Faux Butter = Fautter? Sham Butter = Shatter ... I give up - comment new suggestions) can take this as global as the pretend milks the coffee shops of London now report as going in more Coffees than Dairy.

Now if only I had some Royal Themed food to try this on...


Anonymous said...

Where did you get your plates from? Sorry it's not food related! Looking for this exact plate for my father in law!

Anonymous said...

Argos - but 2001! Not sure if that helps!