18 April 2023

Munchies Chocolate Bar (Asda) By @Cinabar

Munchies Chocolate Bar

Munchies chocolates have been going for a very long time, since the 1950s, in fact. Part of me thinks if you have a recipe and combination that works so well it is still popular over six decades later, you probably shouldn’t mess with it. It clearly works right. One of the popular things at the moment is sharing bars, so they have tried to turn the formula into a flat bar.

I opened it up, and the pieces are flatter but larger than Munchies. Couldn’t they have pushed a load of full-size Munchies into a block held together with melted chocolate? I think thats how I would have done it. Looking at them like this, it feels like the caramel to biscuit ratio can only be wrong. However, when I tried a piece, I was pleasantly surprised. The biscuit is in the form of bits set into the chocolate, and the caramel is actually fairly generously layered on top. The main ratio change is the extra chocolate, but that was fine. They had the feel of Munchies, and the caramel, the star of the show, shone through, so this bar worked surprisingly well. I wouldn’t want to lose the originals, but these are a decent addition to the range. 

Munchies Chocolate Bar

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