2 April 2023

TRIP - CBD infused social drinks at Battle Bar Birmingham (@NLi10)

 For our annual 'work day out doing fun things' we went to Battle Bar in Birmingham on Broad Street.  They have load of little activities to do like shuffle board & darts, but we chose axe throwing and mini golf.

And as it was still early in the day I chose an unusual soft drink to get me through the morning. TRIP cbd drinks have been around a little while.  I chose the lemon & basil version first.

This doesn't actually have that much CDB in, not enough to make it taste bad - and there is only a mild effect but I think it helped with the axe throwing.

The flavour was great - I enjoyed this so much I abandoned my original choice of a nice light bear to try the 2nd flavour.

This was a lovely idea - elderflower with a hint of mint sounds great - but it really wasn't my cup of tea.  It was just too much like an old lady cocktail.  Neither a mojito or a delicate elderflower, but a strong version of both flavours to cover up the CBD.

I'll not be trying that one again - but the lemon and basil was a hit.

And after the axes we played on the mini golf which has a hole where a bike defends the shortcut, fun!

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