11 April 2023

Milk Chocolate Mini Whips (Marks and Spencer) By @cinabar

Milk Chocolate Mini Whips (Marks and Spencer)

I have always loved Walnut Whips and the fund variations that have come out over the years. I spotted a sharing bag at Marks and Spencers and couldn’t resist trying them out, and sharing a few while watching Bank Holiday movies. So these are Mini Whips and as such they are smaller than the regular-sized ones and missing a walnut topping. They are too small for them. Any topping really, plus they would fall off it into the packaging. These Milk Chocolate Mini Whips are presented in a sharing bag, and inside there were nine chocolates, and they looked super cute.

I bit in to one and the first thing I noticed was that the chocolate was still pretty thick. The chocolate seems as thick as you would expect on the full size Whip. As these are smaller Whips the ratios have changed, so there is less whipped filling to chocolate in this ratio. I didn’t mind that at all, but these are more about the chocolate than the filling. The inside was sweet and creamy and what you’d expect from its big brother. I thought these were lovely and they went down well while watching The Sound of Music, the film is a classic, but so are the full size version of these Milk Chocolate Mini Whips.

Milk Chocolate Mini Whips (Marks and Spencer)

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