7 April 2023

Mr. Kipling Egg Fancies (Tesco) by @cinabar

Mr. Kipling Egg Fancies

These are an Easter treat from Mr. Kipling based on the classic fondant fancies but with a seasonal twist. Don’t worry though, they are not actually egg-flavoured, which is a relief! Seriously, please no. Thankfully, they are simply vanilla, but they are made to look like eggs because there is yolk inside.

I opened up the box, and the Mr. Kipling Egg Fancies look very smart. They are an Easter product, but they look quite dainty with their pastel icing and golden yolk, served in a cute old-school paper case.

Mr. Kipling Egg Fancies

I gave one a taste, and the flavours were lovely and delicate, sweet and creamy with plenty of vanilla. The sponge is moist and sweet, these cakes have a good, light texture. Visually, the cakes look even nicer once you bite in and reveal the bright yolk inside. It is super cute.

These Mr. Kipling Egg Fancies may not be the most adventurous Easter treat, but they are tasty and sweet, and the novelty of the design was enough to make me smile.

Mr. Kipling Egg Fancies

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