29 April 2023

Lock Ten Brewing Co. Session IPA (Aldi) By @SpectreUK

Lock Ten Brewing Co. Session IPA

I've talked about Session beers before, so if you are a regular reader please don't skip ahead, as this is all I've got in me. In the old days people used to have beer breaks during working hours. I know, old days do sound the best, but they were possibly quite dangerous. Session beers were created with low alcohol by volume in order for a worker to have a "quick one" during a break. Yes, I'm still talking about beer. Although never underestimate a "Quickie", but that's for a different type of blog entirely.

This Session IPA was created by Lock Ten Brewing Company. At 3.9% in volume this Session India Pale Ale was created with a multitude, yes, a multitude of different hops. Everything from Cascade to Jester, Herkules (which I'm assuming has nothing to do with the Agatha Christie detective), Centennial, Progress (for slightly inebriated workers), and Columbus hops. All were packed in one small can with malted barley and a little bit of wheat to finish.

I was assured on the 330ml can that this Session IPA has a fruity taste and a zingy kick. Whatever fruit and zing this Session IPA may have, I'm rather hoping it's going to wash down my fish, chips, battered sausage (to help keep with the quickie theme) and chip shop curry sauce takeaway I have planned for this evening. The can also helpfully stated that this beer has 121 calories in it, which makes me feel better concerning my greediness in nicking everyone else's chips to dip in my curry sauce.

On opening the can there was a tropical fruity citrus aroma from the deep golden Session IPA inside. Quite a lively bubbly beer on pouring, this India Pale Ale had a fresh fruity and citrus bite to start with, and then a touch of herbal hops for a further crisp sharp edge, moving into the sweet pale malted barley and a hint of wheat into the aftertaste.

This Session IPA went perfectly well in washing down my fish and chips takeaway from our local Chippy. After weeks of keeping to my business plan, and strictly to my project plan, my budget plan and activity tracking logs, I finally ordered my first products to sell online today. So this Session IPA and my takeaway were a perfect treat on a Friday night after a good week at work. Cheers.

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