3 April 2023

Bramley Apple Hot Cross Buns (Aldi) By @cinabar

Bramley Apple Hot Cross Buns (Aldi)

I do love Hot Cross Bun season, and I have been trying out some of the flavoured ones this year. The truth is, I quite like the classic recipe, so these new Bramley Apple Hot Cross Buns from Aldi appealed as they didn’t seem too crazy or different. The cheese ones we tried were nice, but so far from being an actual Hot Cross Bun they sort of missed the point.

I opened up the pack, and there was a lovely apple aroma that was sharp. We chopped them in half and popped them in the toaster, and again, there were nice aromas while they were heated up. We served them with butter and gave them the taste test. The best thing about these Bramley Apple Hot Cross Buns is that the spices in them very much give them the feel of a classic bun. They have lovely warming spices, and they tasted spot on that way. The apple is a little sharp, but with the rest of the sweetness from the bun, there is balance, and these worked really well. The bread is fluffy, the fruit is plentiful, and the flavours were lovely. I really liked these, I think they are my favourite variation on a Hot Cross Bun so far. They are a twist, but they keep one foot in the traditional camp too. Perfect for people who want the Hot Cross Bun experience but may not be partial to raisins. 

Bramley Apple Hot Cross Buns (Aldi)

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