4 April 2023

Hot Cross Bun Ratings 2023 By @Cinabar

We are very much in Hot Cross Bun season, and I have been writing about a few of the fun limited edition flavours that have been out this year already. This article is for the traditionalists, those of us who like the original recipe and simply want to know which ones are the best. I went to a selection of supermarkets , picked up Hot Cross Buns and completed a taste test with a panel to rate them for 2023. And the results are in:

Hot Cross Bun

5) Co-Op Hot Cross Buns 4 Pack: Average Rating: 60%

In fifth place, we have these Co-Op Hot Cross Buns. Admittedly, they are good value and did make a tasty snack. The taste was nice, but they felt small and didn’t seem to have as much fruit as some of the others that we tried. 

Hot Cross Bun

4) Aldi Hot Cross Buns 4 Pack: Average Rating: 70%

These Aldi Hot Cross Buns 4 Pack are a decent size but don’t feel as fluffy as they could. The spice is also quite mild, and we felt it needed a little more. There was a decent amount of fruit.

Hot Cross Bun

3) M&S Hot Cross Buns 4 Pack: Average Rating: 81%

The M&S Hot Cross Buns  were very good, they had plenty of fruit, good spice, and a nice feel. They did seem delicate though, and they fell apart a bit when buttering, but generally, these were very good.

Hot Cross Bun

2) Asda Hot Cross Buns 4 Pack: Average Rating: 85%

It was very close with these Asda Hot Cross Buns and first place. There was plenty of fruit and good spice, and they were pretty spot on. They were nice, fluffy buns too. The fruit itself was a little tart, and I think that's what pushed these into second place.

Hot Cross Bun

1) Morrisons Hot Cross Buns 4 Pack: Average Rating: 87%

These Morrisons Hot Cross Buns were the favourites and do claim first prize in this year's taste test. We loved the fact there was lots of fruit packed in, the texture was right, and the spice was well balanced. They were sweet and indulgent, and they won us over.

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