5 April 2023

Lotus Biscoff White Chocolate Bar (Morrisons) By @SpectreUK

Lotus Biscoff White Chocolate Bar

I am going to be really naughty tonight. No, not like that, unfortunately, but I am going to have this new Lotus Biscoff White Chocolate bar, as it states on the packet as, "a more-ish taste sensation you simply can't resist." The reason why I'm being naughty you may wonder, well, I've shuffled around my calories and made sure they were low enough from my two meals a day, in order to cheat a bit and eat the whole bar, yes, the whole bar in one go with a tub of low calorie vanilla ice cream.

This Lotus Biscoff White Chocolate bar looks way too good to share, and for another reason I rarely do things by halves and do everything to access, and I always try my best to pick the naughtiest option. A caveat to this is the fact that I have made sure that I have had all of my protein, carbs, fruit and veg for the day, and that I also workout for three and a half hours a day. Still, I reckon I'll feel awful and greedy tomorrow, but I reckon it's going to be worth it.

Lotus Biscoff White Chocolate Bar

As you can see from the photograph this bar is white chocolate coating a creamy caramelised Lotus Biscoff centre. Good start. I love both ingredients, so I can't see any reason not to start chomping and not stop until it's all gone. On first taste there was creaminess from the white chocolate coating, which mixed perfectly with the caramelised soft yet slightly crunchy Lotus Biscoff centre. I could easily see why they said that this bar was moreish, as it didn't last long and went perfectly well with the ice cream. Gosh, this Lotus Biscoff White Chocolate bar was sumptuously tasty and pure luxury, I was so glad I'd saved up my calories for this evening's treat. Yum.

Information on the packet; The 180g bar contained 566 calories per 100g, with 20g of fat, 49g of sugar, and 0.4g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Lotus Biscoff White Chocolate Bar

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