10 April 2023

Movement Limited Edition Coca-Cola by Rosalia - Our Guesses!! (Tesco) by @cinabar

Movement Limited Edition Coca-Cola by Rosalia

I have found another limited edition Coca-Cola, this one is called Movement and it is by Rosalia. The can is very funky and very pink, but I know better than to think the colour will influence the flavour. I poured the cola out into a glass, it was the usual colour, so no clues there. The aroma was very similar to that of Vanilla Coke. This might be easier than I thought.

I took a sip of the drink, and while it didn't taste exactly like Vanilla Coke, it was close. There was a background taste of something else too, something similar and annoyingly familiar that I couldn't quite pin down. I think there might have been coconut mixed in there, it is creamy and sweet and works nicely with the cola, but it wasn’t quite tropical.

If I had to pick a flavour for this Movement Limited Edition Coca Cola by Rosalia drink, I think I would settle on coconut macaroons as my guess. That would explain the creamy vanilla coconut flavour without being too heavy on the coconut milk side of things. Other guesses at Foodstuff Finds included cheesecake and the idea that there was something like berry or floral mixed in, so we weren’t sure ourselves on it. Have you tried it? What are your guesses? 


Anonymous said...

I thought it tasted of rum and coke lol

Anonymous said...

Roasted Marshmallow it is.

Anonymous said...

Malibu and coke

Ben said...

More like disgusting and coke! A truly awful drink and no wonder my local shop had like 50 cans all price-marked at 40p each. Simply not even worth 5p, undrinkable