30 April 2023

Warrendale Wagyu Burgers (@NLi10)

I've had a few weeks home alone so have been trying out more meaty things, and as a result have caught up on the Wagyu trend.  The first ones from Finnebrogue were amazing, but ordering from a different store meant I get to try out a different one this time. 

Flo is interested if nothing else!

I really need to clean George before the vegetarian returns, but it's doing well with the meaty BBQ feel.

As usual no buns for me - today we are having paratha (I had waffles with the other one in the packet).

And here we go! Decently well-done as the package suggested, with a side of broccoli and another paratha just cooking to go on top!

And - well it's not as exciting as the last one. It still crisped up and had a nice beefy flavour, but it just wasn't as magical as the Finnebrogue ones.  Burger number two backed this up - a decent burger that I'd be happy with if I got served while out - but not the headline act of the other ones.  Maybe this is one for the meat purists to make into their own recipe were as the other ones were almost their own distinct thing and worth the little extra they cost.

All decent - but these did just feel like fatter burgers.

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