8 April 2023

Heverlee Pilsner Lager (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Heverlee Pilsner Lager

I'm definitely late to the party with this Heverlee Pilsner Lager. It was a Belgian Pilsner that was produced in collaboration with the Abbey of the Order of Premontre. This 4.8% in volume Heverlee lager was brewed by Wellpark Brewery, in Glasgow, and was inspired by beers that have been brewed by the abbey since the year 1129. So I am definitely a little bit late to the party.

On opening the bottle there was a familiar Pilsner aroma from the golden beer inside. This Heverlee Pilsner Lager was not too belly burping fizzy, in fact it was pretty calm for a lager. I'm not usually a fan of lager as it can give me the awful belches, which I've been told off for drowning out the TV. Light and crisp and fresh in flavour, with a mild bite of herbal hops amongst all that Pilsner, Heverlee Pilsner Lager is a relaxing beer for afternoons in the sunshine, and been as though it was a sunny day for a change, I drank this beer with a good book in the garden. Perfect.

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