17 April 2023

Starbucks Dark Chocolate Mocha (Sainsbury's) By @Cinabar

Starbucks Dark Chocolate Mocha

It might not quite be warm enough for this, but I have started on the iced coffee. I saw this flavour, and although the weather might not be hot enough, I found it jumping into my basket. I picked up this Starbucks Dark Chocolate Mocha up at the supermarket, and although it is made by Starbucks, it is a drink for home or commuting.

I chilled it and then had it as an afternoon treat as a bit of a pick-me-up. The straw is cardboard, which is good, and I think all the materials (except maybe the wrapper the straw was in) recycle, which is a bonus, but with the foil lid and then a secondary plastic lid, there is still quite a bit of packaging.

The flavour of this Starbucks Dark Chocolate Mocha was lovely, the dark chocolate with the coffee was a real winner for me. Sometimes these drinks can be quite sweet, but this one was well balanced, rich cocoa and a touch of salt just made this a lovely taste combination. It was the perfect afternoon pick-me-up, especially on a Monday in a week when there isn’t even the decency to have a public bank holiday.

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