20 April 2023

Chicago Town Saucy Vegan Stuffed Crust Takeaway Sticky BBQ Jackfruit Pizza (@NLi10)


As I'm home alone I can have all kinds of crazy food that I'd never usually cook - like meats that stink the house out - and pizza without the cheese.

This Chicago Town Saucy Vegan Stuffed Crust Takeaway Sticky BBQ Jackfruit Adjective Pizza was added to my Ocado order as a bonus pizza because I don't mind vegan food, but my partner loves the cheese.  In theory it doesn't matter as she's not eating my pizza - but because you do them all at the same time in the oven a raw-dough pizza needs a different cook time to the regular ones we have.

For all the adjectives and extras it's actually a fairly simple BBQ pizza with a saucy crust.  The jackfruit is probably closest to pizza grade chicken - but pappa johns clicked that this wasn't the best and did a beef jerky version which was wonderful (but meat).

And it doesn't look too bad either.  It wasn't a planned review but it looked so fabulous I had to take a pic.  I'm still not entirely sure what the grated pizza topping is - it's got coconut in apparently - and while it's aesthetically cheesy it almost got me to put it back in for a bit as it looks like it's not finished cooking.  The rich, rich sauce was the highlight, but the veggies were fresh and crispy too and made eating it all a pleasure. (2 servings is a challenge not a recommendation).

Luna liked the pizza's smells enough to try for some peperoni - but she just got stuck in a loop of tapping the pizza crust and wondering why she was getting away with it (but not getting cheese or meat).

All in all, a great pizza that was a nice change.  I was very tempted to add deli meats, but I'm glad I tried it without this first time as it was satisfying enough as it was.

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