21 October 2009

Real Jalapeno Pepper Hand Cooked Crisps (Asda)

I have to admit to having a preconception that these crisps would not be up to my expectations. I have found the hunt for ‘hot’ crisps up until now has been filled with disappointment (with the notable exception of Nandos Hot which really do pack a punch). Apparently my definition of ‘hot’ and crisp manufacturers, in general, does tend to differ somewhat.
The first bite of these crisps I picked up on a rather nice initial taste of sweet tomato and salty onion and did find this underlying flavour rather pleasant. I was just noting down my thoughts on the texture, i.e. thick cut and crunchy potato, when something started to happen. Slowly but surely, my mouth could feel a decent kick of heat developing. In fact they had a surprisingly lovely hit of chilli mixed in and the warmth was rather nice. They are by no means the hottest crisps ever made, or hot enough to make your hair stand on end like the photo on the packet, but oh my, they are undeniably fiery and tasty.


  1. These are absolutely my favourites and I totally am addicted to them!. They just have the right amount of flavoring and heat!.

  2. Bit late to this - but completely agree. These are THE crisps. Great flavour, great heat. Just can't find them in six packs - only 55p per pack from a machine - or along with other flavours in multi-packs. The hunt goes on!

  3. Can't find these crisps these days. Have they stopped selling the product?

  4. They still make them - but I agree they are harder to track down. Having said they sell through amazon UK and you can buy a box of 18 packs from there! http://www.amazon.co.uk/Real-Handcooked-Crisps-Jalapeno-Pepper/dp/B00G5LSURS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1391632375&sr=8-2&keywords=real+crisps

  5. the people behind these crisps have just gone and bought out a vending company as they plan to only sell through vending machines i have been reliably informed


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